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Working in remote mining camps

December 2011

Employment Opportunity in the mining sector

Canada's strong mining sector is experiencing a boom - which means more and more jobs being created as demand continues to rise.  Outland is a key supplier in this boom.   Outland's many modular camps,permanent camps and exploration camps offer a wide variety of opportunities, including chef / first cook / second cookbaker / kitchen support and housekeeping  jobs at very competitive rates in a fast-paced, exciting atmosphere.

Camp Cook Image - Outland Camps

Since its inception in 1985, Outland has supplied, installed and operated remote work camps across Canada - beginning with our own forestry and forest firefighting work camps.  We are invested in our employees continually training and improving our operations.   

Management and Leadership

All Outland's senior management of Outland are owners and have worked for many years in the Canadian north - each bringing 15-30 years of valuable experience to Outland's camp operations. Just ask any one of them and they will tell you why they continue to invest in its promise and growth.   All of Outland's owners and management understand that their success in the mining camp business is contingent on the recruitment and development of our people.   Outland started as a small company and has grown to be one of Canada's largest remote camp suppliers.

In the mining camp business finding the right people is essential and Outland strives to not only find the best people, but continually train and improve their skills.   We do this because not only is it the right thing to do as an employer but it helps us not only meet but exceed our client's expectations.    With partnerships across Canada, Outland is regularly chosen for its scope of experience and knowledge.


First Nations 12

Our partnership with Inuit and First Nations ensure that meaningful employment opportunitiesare made available to local communities and individuals at all levels of our operations. Outland plays an important role in creating jobs and training opportunities, developing sustainable business partnerships and sharing of ongoing revenue streams, and bringing economic benefits to these communities. We are committed to equal opportunity employment and working closely with our First Nations partners.


What type of mining camp company do you want to work for?

Outland boasts a strong, cohesive, dedicated team of people with opportunities across the country. With offices across Canada (Toronto, Thunder Bay, Matheson, Amos, Swan River and Edmonton, and Vancouver) our employees are constantly on-line and on the move - as are our projects. Team spirit is an integral part of work at Outland, and sets us apart from other companies when it comes to rapport and productivity.    

Outland and continues to be a pioneer in its field and owes its excellence to the energy, commitment and expertise of our people.

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