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Prime Minister Stephen Harper Visits Outland Built Camp in Baker Lake, NU

August 2011

Outland Camps and its Joint Venture Partner Tangmaarvik Camp Services were proud to have Prime Minister Stephen Harper visit the Agnico Eagle Meadowback mining camp in Baker Lake, Nunavut.    (The Meadowbank camp was built and installed by Tangmaarvik.)    The visit was part of an initiative to continue economic development of Canada's north through mining exploration, expansion, and development.

Tangmaarvik began working with Agnico Eagle in 2007 providing an exploration camp that later become a large 800 man permanent mining camp.   The location and logistics are some of the toughest in the world but Outland was able to install and deliver the mining camp on time and on budget.  The Meadowbank mining camp was a successful project planned and executed on budget in Canada's harshest winter climate.   Installation in the Arctic is the most challenging environment in the mining camp business and Tangmaarvik was chosen because of its logistical, installation,and project managment experience. 

Outland and Tangmaarvik are pleased to be working together to provide modular mining camps as well as catering services to the mining industry in Canada's Arctic.    

"Development of the North's awesome resource potential is a national economic challenge, which could yield enormous national economic benefits," stated Prime Minister Stephen Harper to his audience at Meadowbank.

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