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Outland Employees Assist in Plane Crash Rescue

January 2013

November 18th, 2012 is not a day those in Snow Lake, Manitoba  will soon forget. It was a warm and foggy day when Cauline Armsworthy, manager of our remote camp in Snow Lake,  MB, received a call informing her that the plane the crew had left in earlier had crashed and that they needed help. Several Outland employees volunteered to go to the crash site with 4x4 trucks through a makeshift trail to help the injured.

When they arrived at the crash area, they were met by firemen and other rescue personnel. Outland volunteers worked to assist in triaging the injured and transporting each of them out to a marshalling point. 

The injured passengers were then loaded into the back of the 4x4 trucks and taken along the makeshift road to waiting ambulances. Tragically, the pilot did not survive the crash.

"It was just incredible that all 7 passengers survived," said Cauline. "The pilot and his family are a big part of our community, and his presence will be missed."

Outland Camps has been supplying remote camps across Canada since 1985.  Our employees understand the challenges and dangers of working in remote sites.  Our Safety Record in remote sites reflects this.    We would like to thank the EMS workers, members of the Snow Lake community and the Outland camp workers for their courageous rescue efforts. 


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