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Outland Camps Deploys Camp Staff and Fire crews in Ontario

May 2012

Outland's Ontario team responded to forest fires and remote camp staff needs in Ontario over the Victoria day weekend. Outland Camps has deployed two remote fire base camps to fires named Wawa 4 and Timmins 7. Both camps are operational within 72 hours and can service up to 500 people each.  Outland has deployed 16 Type 2 forest fire fighters across the province of Ontario to help support the provincial fire teams. Outland has been supplying forest fire fighting staff and fire base camps to the province of Ontario since 1997.   These crews are primarily from remote First Nations Communities across Ontario's north.   Outland has employment partnerships with over 20 remote communities.   

Outland deploys these operations from our Thunder Bay and Matheson Office.  Outland has been working in Northern Ontario since our inception in 1985.   We are Canada's largest fire fighting contractor.   For more information on our services please see our web site or contact us today.  

Emergency Fire Camp Image - Outland Camps

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