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Outland Acquires Feature Film Catering Company

July 2012

Outland announces the acquisition of Cinema Scenes Catering

Film Catering Chef Image- Outland Camps

Cinema Scenes is a feature film catering company who has provided catering services over the past decade to a wide variety of feature film productions including Night at the Museum, Invictus and Twilight. Under the direction of Chef Bob Bedard, Cinema Scenes has become one of Canada's premier feature film and event catering companies. "I'll starve until I see you again" said Hilary Swank about Cinema Scenes Catering.  Jon Voit added: "Your execution was splendid".  Chef Bedard has catered to dozens of Hollywood's A list stars including Brad Pitt, Leonardo Dicaprio, Johnny Depp, Russell Crow and Angelina Jolie to name a few. Chef Bedard has accepted a position with Outland as its Corporate Executive Chef and will bring his exceptional execution to Outland's operations from coast to coast.

Outland continues to develop its catering business with innovation, creativity and exceptional quality. "Cinema Scenes is the perfect fit for Outland's vision to incorporate a high quality culinary experience in remote environments" said Kurt Metivier, Vice President, Outland. "We look forward to continuing to differentiate ourselves with Chef Bedard overseeing our kitchens."  Outland will continue to operate as Cinema Scenes in the film and event catering industry.

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