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Outand Camps's 27th year in the remote camp business.

January 2012

This year marks Outland Camps's 27th year in the remote camp business.    For the last 12 years Outland has been focusing on the mining camp business.   Outland is now a leader in the provision of mining camp services.   We have supplied some of Canada's most successful and established mining companies in camps ranging in size from 10 to 1000 or more.   Outland has a long list of customers in various mining sectors including gold, diamonds, uranium, potash, and coal.   With over 27 years of remote camp experience our mining customers know that Outland will deliver a quality camp and camp services every step of the way.    We understand the challenges faced by our mining customers in including remote access and the challenge of attracting and retaining workers.

The mining sector faces huge challenges in attracting and retaining qualified staff to it's mining camps.   Outland helps our clients by providing well run, functional camps with the appropriate amount of amenities.  The competition for labour is intense and mining companies have to be very careful when choosing a provider.   Mistakes made in remote camps can become costly and difficult to rectify.   Outland Camps can provide a range of solutions for your remote sites - from 10 person exploration teams to 1,000 person full production mine sites.  We have regional offices staffed by experienced management who know the local suppliers, roads and logistics.   We have the best staff in the business, recuiting the best project manages, head chefs, and support staffs.

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