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Employee Spotlights

May 2013

Outland is pleased to recognize the following employees for excellence in service and outstanding work in the last quarter.


Mathieu Savard, Kitchen Support

Mathieu Savard

Mathieu has worked at Camp Expo in Nunavik since August 2012 as a night shift dishwasher and has been doing a tremendous job going above and beyond. When not working at camp, he is also a substitute high school teacher!



Béatrice Demers, Baker

Beatrice Demers

Béatrice has worked at our camp in Meadowbank for over a year as a baker and has been a tremendously active, hardworking and positive part of the team. Her delicious desserts are truly irresistible!


Ontario Northwest 

Dolores Andersen, Second Cook


Dolores started with Outland in October 2012. She has worked mainly as a second cook at the Phoenix site in Red Lake. She is a fantastic baker and takes a lot of pride in her work. Her favourite part of the job is hearing from the guests how much they like the food and the camp.


Ontario Northeast

Tim Baird Tschirhart, Head Cook

Tim Tschirhart

Tim started with Outland in 2011. After spending the spring planting season at the Kapuskasing Tembec plant, Tim returned to Matachewan and quickly worked his way up from prep cook to overnight breakfast cook. Tim will be returning to Kap as head cook and looks forward to taking on new challenges with Outland.


Alberta Northeast

Ramsey Powell & Jessica Northmore, Chefs

Powell & Northmore

Ramsey began working for Outland in 2009 as a cone collector. After building experience, Ramsey took on the role as the head chef at the Palisades camp located in Jasper, Alberta. Jessica began working with us in 2008 as a tree planter. For the last two years Jessica has worked as the Sous-Chef at the Palisades and has taken on administrative work as well. Jessica and Ramsey live at the Palisades year round while catering to varying types of groups.



Joy Meek, Kitchen Support

Joy Meek

Joy has worked with Outland since Oct. 5, 2011. They call her a Duracell Bunny because she has so much energy. The camp occupants love her because of her caring attitude. She makes every one of them feel important and addresses their concerns promptly. Joy is an absolute "JOY" for Outland.


British Columbia 

Trish Porter, Kitchen Support

Trish Porter

Trish has been working with Outland in our BC operations as kitchen support. She always leads by example with her hard work. If you haven't seen or met Trish before it may be because she is 5 steps ahead working on her next task! She is presently at Willow Creek Camp.


Alberta Northwest

Darcy Welzbacher, Chef

Outland would like to recognize Darcy Welzbacher for his continued hard work and commitment to Outland.  He showed up in a red mustang for his first day of work in spring 2011 and hasn't looked back since.  He began his work in our fire operations and dabbled in our BC camps last winter.  He is our go to Chef when we get our quick call line camps in the summer and he and his partner Claudette have spent the winter keeping customers happy in our High Level rig camps.


Congratulations and thank you to everyone for their oustanding contributions! Your dedication and hard work are appreciated!


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