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Former Outland Supervisor Wins Bravery Award

September 2012

Former Outland supervisor Dan Morrison, an Outland employee of 12 years, has been commended for his bravery after protecting a co-worker from an attacking bear last year.

Morrison was doing a wildlife assessment near Armstrong, Ont. on Oct. 4, 2011, when he received call over the radio that a female co-worker had spotted a bear in the area. He couldn't get her on the radio so he tried to find her. When Morrison found his co-worker, the bear was on top of her. As he approached, the bear turned around and dragged away his co-worker a short way before dropping her at which time he jumped over her and positioned himself between his co-worker and the bear. Morrison stabbed the bear three times before the bear finally withdrew.   Morrison used a satellite phone to call for help and administer first aid to his co-worker's leg, arms and shoulders, which were seriously injured. He periodically threw things and made noise to try and scare away the bear, who was still lingering in the area.  Help eventually arrived and first aid was administered until the injured woman was evacuated by helicopter in critical condition. She survived her injuries.  Daniel Morrison received the Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner's Citation for Lifesaving and Bravery as well as the St. John Ambulance award.

 "I appreciate the recognition for what happened and I appreciate the partnerships and all the other people who came out to truly help save her life," said Morrison. "If anyone hadn't shown up that had, it would have been a different story."

Dan starts his new job at the Thunder Bay Fire Department in October, joining John Crane, Phil Patterson, Brad and Jeff Towell.  All former Outland supervisors.  We wish Dan the best in his new career.


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